Equitable Software

Warehouse Scanner Mode

After launching the application on your device, scan your user bar code to log into the system. Then select the Warehouse menu item from the main screen. This menu item is going to let you move items a warehouse from location to location.

You can begin this process by scanning in some Batch IDs – these items will gather into a list on the screen. Select any item by tapping on it; this will be indicated by the checkbox. If your list is cumbersome you can also tap the menu icon in the top right, then tap select all. You can also deselect or delete items from the menu options.

After scanning in your items, select the items, walk over to the new location and scan its barcode/QR code. You will then be prompted with a review pop-up; click yes if everything is correct to complete the process. All of the selected items will now be moved to the newly scanned location.