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Admin Inventory

Admin Inventory

Admin Inventory ActionsThe admin inventory page will show all the inventory for a product, including pallets, with a zero (0) quantity and allow you to view or edit them. To begin the process select a product from the Product dropdown located at the top of the grid. If you are not aware of all functionality with the grids (sorting/exporting/nesting) or interested to learn more. Please view this page.

The actions button at the far right of the grid will allow the following options:

View: This action will pull up a new tab with the pallets Inventory Location Details. For more info (link to inventor location details page)(anchor).

Recalculate: This action will recalculate all changes for this pallet. This can be handy if inventory issues arise due to errors or misinformation.

Re-Print LPN: This will allow you to Re-Print LPN.

Edit: This action will pull up a pop-up window (reference image below) that allows you to edit the count in the pallet. You must fill out a Reason for Adjustment and enter the current amount. The system will log the change which can be viewed in the Inventory Location Details page under the Changes Log tab.

Admin Inventory Edit