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    Help Pages: Fulfillment with Scanner

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    This section will contain information specific to processes and applications used with the Android scanner for Fulfillment purposes. This page will focus on some of the basic terms and functions we will reference and use throughout the Fulfillment with Scanner help pages.

    To begin, locate and tap the Virtual Office app on your scanner. Once the application is running you will be prompted to scan your user barcode to login and continue. Upon a successful log in you will be presented with all of the scanner mode options that are available for that user. These three steps are illustrated in the image at the top. Your available scanner mode options may differ from what you see in our screenshots. More about the scanner modes can be found below. Additional permissions can be granted to a user by an Administrator account. For more information on User Permissions click here.


    Tap = A normal gesture used for operating most touch based interfaces but more specifically: a quick tap of an element on the screen.

    Long Tap = Much like the tap gesture above but a user will need to hold their tap on the screen element for about 2 seconds. Also could be referred as Tap and Hold. This gesture can be used on some screen elements to allow for more functionality or options.


    The menu can be accessed at any point while operating the Android scanner. It is located at the top right of the screen and is represented by three (3) vertical dots.


    Menu Process


    The items listed in the menu will be both global and conditional. The items listed in the bottom half of the menu list, below the divider line, are global and will be present system wide when accessing the menu. The items listed in the top half of the menu list, above the divider line, are conditional to the section you are in. See example image below.


    Menu Options


    Global Menu Option descriptions:

    • Scan Mode – This option will take you back the main list of scan modes.
    • Settings – This option will bring up configuration options for the application and scanner.
    • Log Out – This option will log out your user but will leave the application running.
    • Quit – This option will log out your user and shut down the application.


    Scanner Modes

    After logging into the scanner you are presented with all the available scanner modes allowed for your user. It is important to understand that some of these scanner modes are specific to Virtual Office and some specific to Fulfillment. The scanner modes specific to Fulfillment have an orange border with the letter “F” in their icon. The Fulfillment scanner modes are also grouped together at the bottom of the list. Any other scanner mode icon without the above mentioned designation are specific to Virtual Office. See image below.


    Scanner Modes

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