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Admin Bin Locations

Admin Bin Locations

Admin Bin Location ActionsThe Admin Bin Locations page contains a grid that displays all bin locations. To begin this process select a Warehouse from the Warehouse dropdown located above the grid. The Actions Button on the right of the grid contains two ability to edit or print bin location. The Print Location action will allow you to print the Bin Locations barcode. When adding or editing a Bin Location there are some important items to discuss. If you are not aware of all functionality with the grids (sorting/exporting/nesting) or interested to learn. Please view this page.

Virtual Office Location – You can pull a location that already exists in Virtual Office by selecting the location in the dropdown. If the location is not in virtual office select other in the dropdown. An entry field will appear to allow you to enter a custom name.

Used For Receiving – If marked Yes – this option allow this location to be used with receiving inventory.

Admin Bin Location Edit Action