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February 17, 2020


Release: 2/19/2020

  • Add - Added ability to select multiple sources for a quote item to only allow certain batch to be added items in a BPR
  • Add - Added email alert that notifies  users when a PO's ETA is updated.
  • Update - Updated suspect locations to improve load times and allowing viewing the container when clicked on the report.
  • Add - Added additional PO fields to sperate billing address to shipping address in global settings.
  • Update - Updated scanner menu system to now be permission based. This allow only certain users to perform cycle count operations.
  • Add - added units per minute to BPR finalization form. Added report that lists BPR's and allows users to see the Units Per minute for BPR's 


Release: 1/27/2020

  • Add - Added ability to edit quote notes and a quotes order notes from the quote grid without having to open each quote.
  • Add - Added original quarantine amount to batch details allowing user to see the original amount of the batch before any changes occurred.
  • Fix - fixed issue regarding blends not displaying properly when creating new blends.


Release: 1/14/2020

  • Add -Added ability to print lab tests when viewing the details of a batch from Invertory-Batches->View Batches.


Release: 1/8/2020

  • Fix –Issue regarding BPR's showing amounts still needed after containers have been added


Release: 12/16/2019

  • Add - Added ability to add/change an ingredient amount for BPR's when performing a rework.
  • Add – blends can now be changed on the BPR rework screen without incrementing or affecting the parent MMR’s blends.


Release: 12/01/2019

  • Update - Users screen to allow email events to be configured from the user’s screen instead of needing a separate screen.
  • Update – Window titles in Virtual Office are set to color #045FB4 to provide a cleaner and more uniform look.
  • Update – Scanners are now set to disallow adding expired batches to BPR’s.
  • Update – Blends to have new interface and faster responsive interface when creating pre-blends.
  • Fix –Dispensing BPR documentation to show decimal places out to six in instances where the number rounded to two places produces a zero amount.


Release: 10/01/2019  

  • Add - batch details can now be edited by viewing a batches detail.
  • Add - You can now change the expiration date for a batch by doing a re-test. Go to Inventory Batches -> Batch Re-test and enter your batch Id.
  • Add - A “Number of Pallets” field has been added to PO’s.
  • Update - Deleted orders can now be viewed in the orders grid.
  • Fix – System emails would not show users name in certain instances.


Release: 9/19/2019

  • Add - Custom Batch tests have been added allowing for the client to customize batch tests and record the results.
  • Add - Added ability to "conditionally" release a batch allowing the batch to be added to BPR's (Batch Production Record) but not allow finalization of the BPR  until the batch is fully released.
  • Update - Testing Procedure has been updated to allow different users to approve testing stages before the batch can be released into active inventory.
  • Update -  Administration -> Administration Logs -> Components Logs -> Ingredients. Updated price column to be price per gram.
  • Add - Production->View Order --> Order --> Order Summary. Added Printed date.
  • Add - Inventory -> Quarantine Ingredient/Components. Added manufacturer box to allow hand typed manufacturer.
  • Add - Reports -> All Components for Quotes. Added All Components for Quotes report allow user to group quotes together and print a list of needed ingredients and totals.


Release: 5/2/2019

  • Update - Production -> All Components Report. The report has been updated to add in outstading PO's for each component/ingredient.
  • Add - Inventory Batches -> View Batch -> component/ingredient batch. The trace batch screen has been added to the view batch screen. When clicking on the trace batch button the view batch button will open with the batch trace tab already selected.
  • Add - Email Alert- > Order Yield. The order yield email alert has been updated to list the corrective actions (now the Final Produciton Notes) for each BPR listed in the email.
  • Update - Production -> View Production Record. The Quality Control section has been updated and the corrective actions box has been renamed to Final Produciton Notes.
  • Add - Batch/Source Restrictions : The ability to restrict an ingredient by a specific source or batch has been added. This starts at a quote level and is carried on through the order. If a component/ingredient is marked as batch specific, then a user will have to specify what batches will be used before allowing them to print any documentation.
  • Update - The quote view/edit screen have had an update to accommodate the new ability to mark a component/ingredient as batch specific or from a specific source.


Release: 3/13/2019

  • Update - Production -> View Order -> Orders. Updated Order summary with new layout and added order details and log of time order count has been changed.
  • Add - Reports -> Production -> Customer BPR (Batch Production Record) Report. Added first report allowing customer to view current BPR's for a customer allowing them to know what BPR's have been processed and which BPR's are outstanding. 
  • Update - General PDF layout and text updates.
  • Add - Administration -> Invoicing. Added export option to grid. 
  • Update - Purchasing -> Add/Edit PO. Updated screen to fit new consistent layout. Added buttons on each component/ingredient to allow user to view batches and BPR's for each line item in the PO.
  • Add - Production -> View Order -> Orders -> BPR. Added sub status log to BPR to allow user to view sub status history. 


Released: 3/6/2019

  • Add - Users -> User Email Settings -> Order -> Order Container Yield Alert. Added new email alert that will notify subscribed users if an orders total yield is over/under 5% of the order count.
  • Add - Production -> View Production Record -> MMR. Added internal trackers for BPR's
  • Add - Added Support for internal trackers in scanners.
  • Update - Inventory -> Ingredient -> On hold. Updated holds to be removed based on the amount added when a batch is assigned to a BPR.
  • Remove - Inventory -> Ingredients. Removed markup,bulk density,daily Value, prequialified for purchase, and FDA order.
  • Remove - Customer -> View Quotes -> Add/Edit. Removed volume per serving,volume per batch, Price after markup, bulk density.


Released: 2/13/2019

  • Update - Customer -> Create Quote.  Updated quote add/edit to automatically pull the customer representative when selecting a client.
  • Update - Production -> Production Calendar. Updated Production Calendar to allow drag and drop of BPRs to reassign ETA dates for the BPRs.
  • Add - Added system notification system allowing global wide notifications to be added to the system.
  • Update - Inventory -> Ingredients. Updated GUI to improve overall design and functionality.
  • Add - Inventory -> Cycle Count. Added ability to manually close cycle counts without the use of a scanner.


Released: 2/01/2019

  • Add - Added ability to rework and change components on a Batch Production Record (BPR) once BPR has been created.
  • Update - Updated scanners to handle reworked BPR's
  • Update - Updated printed documents to allow previous versions of BPRs to be printed for record keeping.
  • Update - Updated dots system to take into affect reworked BPRs and show colors correctly. 


Released: 1/17/2019

  • Add - Customer -> Customer Management-> Add/Edit. GUI update. Added ability to add multiple contacts and addresses.
  • Add  - Customer -> Customer Management -> Add/Edit. Added ability to drag files onto screen to add them to the customer.
  • Add - Customer -> Customer Management.Added export option to the customer grid.
  • Add - Inventory -> Cycle Count. Added status selector to grid allowing user to toggle between active and in-active cycle counts.


Released: 11/15/2018

  • Administration -> Configuration -> General Settings. Added ability to specify a 8 x 11 or 4 x 6 batch sticker.
  • System Wide: Added ability to customize grid columns based on users preference. 


Released: 10/24/2018

  • Administration -> Configuration -> Allergens. You can now print all the allergens in PDF format to display properly.
  • Inventory -> Quarantine Inventory -> Component. GUI update to conform with system standards and layout.
  • Customer -> View Quotes -> Quote. Added filed to enter sales representative.
  • Production -> Orders -> Order -> Edit MMR -> Blends. You can now duplicate a pre-blend without having to recreate it.


Released: 10/11/2018

  • Upgraded quote system to improve performance and GUI layout.
  • Inventory-> Ingredients -> Manage Ingredient. You can now change the unit of measurement of a ingredient if it has not been used in a batch or a quote.
  • Bug fixes regarding ingredients with a grams unit of measurement.


Released: 10/9/2018

  • Purchasing -> Vendors. Added export functionality to PO grid.
  • Production -> View Orders -> View -> Production Record. If an order has allergens they have now been added to the cover sheet printed for an order.
  • Inventory -> Low Inventory. Two new columns have been added:
    1. On Order - shows the amount of the ingredient for POs currently in Pending, Sent and Quarantine status.
    2. Amount Needed - show the remaining amount needed for this ingredient. It takes the on Hand Amount plus the On order Amount and subtracts the On hold amount for the remaining amount needed.
  • Production -> View Orders -> View. Added sub status to drop down to allow sorting by sub status.



Released: 10/2/2018

  • Inventory -> Ingredients -> Add/Edit. The add/Edit ingredient screen has been updated and the ability to set a default sieve size has been added.
  • Customers -> View Quotes -> View. Added current quote version and user who created original quote. 
  • Administration -> Users -> User Email Settings. Added batch deleted email event.
  • Private Label -> View Production Records -> BPR's. Lot numbers have been removed from private label components if they apply.


Released: 9/27/2018

  • Production -> Production Calendar. Calendar now shows BPRs instead of orders. 
  • Administration  -> Users -> User Email Settings. Added BPR eta expiration email alert.
  • Inventory -> Quarantined Inventory List. Added ability to assign a technician to a quarantined batch.


Released: 9/13/2018

  • Added Master Case component for quotes and orders.
  • Update printed batch sticker to have a red title for a quarantined batch or a green title fro a inventory batch.
  •  Administration->Configuration->Order Alerts. Added ability to specify what components an order alert applies too.
  • Administration -> Users -> Permission Templates. Added ability to setup permission templates to be used across users to prevent individual users permission setup.


Released: 8/28/2018

  • Administration -> Configuration -> Allergens. Added ability to create allergens for ingredients to be printed on batch stickers.
  • Bug fixes and overall GUI layout updates.


Released: 12/7/2017

  • Added ability to edit container yields for finalized pr's with the Orders > Modify Finalized BPR permission. 
  • Added Liquid support.
  • Update calendar details to include bottle count.
  • UI changes when viewing an order screen.
  • Added ETA date to search options for all order grids. 
  • Batches can now be re-split into containers after they have been released from quarantine.
  • New quote permissions have been added. 
  • Tags can now be added to orders by clicking the icon next to the Tags label in the lower left hand corner of the order window.
  • Added support to order grids to search by order tags.
  • The PO column has been removed and the PO Sent Column is now called Open PO. 
  • Updated printed components for orders report to show orders in the same sort as displayed on the Components for orders grid.
  • Added ability to add special charges to orders.
  • Added ability to reject a batch when releasing it from quarantine.
  • removed requirement for batch testing when releasing a batch into inventory. 
  • Updated components for orders report to list batches expiration date.
  • Added ability to disable a quote.
  • Added ability to attach files to a PO directly and when emailing the PO.
  • Added Yield Report to Production -> Yield Report.
  • Production -> View Orders -> View Order. Added a place for notes to be added to a order for order notes.
  • Administration -> Configuration -> General settings. Added general settings for email setup including email and password as well as customizing email message.
  • New Order creation email event added. 
  • Customers-> Manage Customer -> Edit/Add. Added Representative Name,Representative Email,Payment Terms to customer creation page.
  • Customer -> Create Quote. Added Servings per bottle,Testing cost per batch when editing a quote.
  • Inventory-> Ingredients. Ingredients can now be marked as supplied by company or Customer Supplied.
  • Tiered pricing can now be entered on the quote page. 
  • added ability to print quotes to PDF form
  • Production>View Production Records.  Lot Number column has been added to the grid.
  • Customer -> Quotes -> View Quote. The quote history window now has a date changed column under Version History.
  • Inventory -> Quarantine Release List has been added.
  • Po Grids can now be exported to Excel for all components
  • Production>View Production Records -> View. Eta Dates can now be added to individual production records from the view production record window. 
  • Customer -> Quotes -> View Quote  You can now sort the ingredient list.
  • Added Administration > Logs -> Component Logs.
  • Production>View Production Records -> View.  Production records can now be marked as pulled within the order screen by checking or un-checking a checkbox. 
  • Administration -> User Permissions. You can now duplicate a user. 
  • Inventory Batches -> View Batches -> Exception. Added ability to add exception to closed batch. 
  • Purchasing -> PO. Added ability to duplicate PO.
  • Purchasing -> Component PO -> ingredient/component -> Email. You can now CC more than one person in a PO email. Separate email addresses by commas.
  • Inventory -> Quarantine List. Added column Next Order Date.
  • Purchasing -> Vendors. Added ability to add multiple emails to a vendor by adding a comma in-between emails.
  • Production -> Production Calendar. Each Job Type is now broken up into different calendars. There is a drop down that allows you to choose a calendar for each job type or select all to view them all.
  • Administration -> User Email Settings. Added deleted order email alert.
  • Production -> Orders -> View Order -> BPR Production sheet. Added ability to click on ingredient batch added to BPR to view batch trace details.
  • Bug fixes when printing various documents across the system.
  • Batch stickers now have additional bar codes.
  • Administration->Configuration->Security Settings. Added ability to force password changes and lock out times.