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    Help Pages: Item Usage

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    The Item Usage window allows you a convenient way to sort your most used ingredients or components on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. All of the ingredients found in the Item Usage window can also be sorted by ID or Name if you are attempting to find historical data on a particular component. However, one of the most common uses of the Item Usage window is identifying order issues that may need more attention from a logistical standpoint to keep production moving.

    Most often, the Item Usage window is utilized to determine ingredients that are used frequently but may need to be ordered in advance due to long lead times. This ensures you always have a consistent supply of your most popular ingredients without the worry of running out and canceling your customer’s orders because the product isn’t readily available. By utilizing this window regularly, you can ensure you are always well-stocked on your most popular ingredients or components, even if they take longer to arrive from a distant supplier.

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