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View Orders

View Orders

The View Orders grid will display all orders in the system. These entries can be sorted by clicking the column titles, using the search function or filtering by additional options. For more information on Grid Sorting click here.


Grid Action Buttons

View – Once an order from the grid has been selected this action will allow you to view and or edit the order.

Edit Notes – Once an order from the grid has been selected this action will allow you to view and or edit the order notes.

Export – Selecting this action will export the currently displayed grid data to excel.

Multisort – To use this sorting feature begin by clicking the button to turn the function on. Once the Multisort is ON – you can then click multiple column titles to create your multisort.


Order Alerts

Order alerts allow you to quickly view weather a production record can be completed or not. Order alerts are displayed on the view production records grid in the form of colored dots located on the far left side of each row. The Virtual Office system has two built in order alerts but more can be customized using the appropriate administration menu.

Red Circle = Not enough to complete production record; missing components.

Green Circle = All components are available and production can begin.

You can click the order alert circle to view components/ingredients needed for this production record. The new window will highlight any components/ingredients that need to be ordered.


View an order


View An Order


When viewing an order you can set the ETA date, PO, Date, Cost and count (1) by inputting values into the input boxes and selecting the appropriate save button.

The Order Summary action button (2) will allow you to view production records that have been added, deleted or completed for this order. This action will also allow you to view any changes made to the order amount/count. See example image above. Click to enlarge.

The Lock Order (4) action button will allow you to lock an order from being edited.

Note that the Delete Order and Complete Order action buttons are conditional and not seen in the provided screenshot. The Deleted order button will be displayed when not production records have been added to the order. The complete order action button will be displayed when all production records in the order have been completed.

Special Charges

The Testing Charges action (3) button will allow you to add additional charges to be added to the order. Adding additional testing charges will be shown in the special charges section. Once the special charges window is open you can add testing to an order by selecting them from the dropdown and then clicking the “Add Test” button. See example image above.

To add testing charges during the quoting process select the Quote Tests Tab, located at the top of the window, and then add the needed charges. Once a test has been selected to be added you will need to fill out the available input boxes; some of inputs are required. Enter your Virtual Office user password and then click the “Add Test” button located at the bottom right corner to complete this process. See example image below. Click to enlarge. For more information on Special Charges and Lab Tests click here.


testing Charges



MMRs and Blends

A Master Manufacturing Record (MMR) is a blueprint to create the product for an order. MMRs can be individualized per customer and per amount. To add an MMR to an order click the side tab button (#1) you can select a customer and then click the Create MMR button (2). See example image above. If an MMR has already been created in another order you can import the MMR by clicking the Import MMR button. Not all MMRs can be imported. Only MMRs with the same ingredients as the current order can be imported. To add a production record, click on the MMR customer link or anywhere within the MMR box. This will prompt you to enter the amount of production records you need to add.


MMR and Blends


To set up blends and pre-blends click the blend icon (3) inside the MMR record tab slide out. See example image above. To set up a blend or pre-blend click the Edit Blends action button at the top of the Edit MMR window (1). See example image below. Once you are editing a blend you can re-order the ingredients or create a pre-blend. To create a pre-blend you will need to first select your ingredients and then click the “Add Pre-Blend” action button located at the top of the window. See example image at very bottom of this page. Doing so will allow you to set up ingredients that need to be blended before they are added to the main blend. To set the sieves to be used for each ingredient click the Sieves tab (2) and set your specifications. See example image below.


Edit MMR


Once your blends and or pre-blends have been set up and Sieves have been selected click the “Save MMR” action button located at the top of the window. See example image below. The action will create another version of the MMR with your changes. Any production records created from a previous versions of an MMR will need to be updated. This process will be available when viewing a production record.






For more information on creating and editing quotes please view this Help Page documentation.