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    Help Pages: Receiving Log

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    The Receiving Log page displays a log of all items received and released in the system (quarantine and active inventory). It is important to note the descriptions for the Rec’d QTY and Release QTY columns.

    Rec’d QTY = Is the amount received into quarantine.
    Release QTY = Is the amount released in active inventory.

    Finding the item is the first step so lets begin with the grid sorting options. These sorting options available on most grids on the website.

    Sorting Options

    There are several ways in which you can sort the grid in order to find specific results fast. If you know the name of the item you are searching for then using the Search Box will be your best bet.

    You can also sort grid results by clicking the Column Titles. In doing so you will change the sort results per the column from high to low; click again to sort the opposite. See example image below.

    Warehouse Sorting

    Exporting Options

    You can export your grid data via the buttons above the grid at anytime. The currently available exporting options are: Print, PDF, Excel and CSV

    Grid Nesting

    In the event you are using the website with a small monitor or lower resolution the grid will nest column elements into each row. This is indicated by a green plus icon at the furthest left point on each row. Click the plus icon to reveal the additional columns and their info. See example image below. We recommend using the website with a minimum monitor size of 20″ with a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

    Grid Nesting


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