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    Cycle counts are an inventory auditing procedure when a small subset of inventory in a defined storage location is counted on a specific day. Unlike a traditional physical inventory that halts production when all inventory is counted at one time, cycle counts are less disruptive and allow manufacturers the opportunity to achieve and sustain high levels of accuracy in their inventory. Virtual Office provides a clear picture of these cycle counts.

    This page functions as a log of each cycle count that has been performed with a scanner to provide valuable information required to maintain your inventory accurately. On the cycle count page, you will find 5 distinct column headers that provide information regarding each cycle count. Each of these column headers can be clicked to sort the available data in ascending or descending order.

    • Cycle ID – The numerical data found in the Cycle ID column identifies the individual cycle count that was performed.
    • Scanner – In the Scanner column, you will find the unique scanner that was used to perform the cycle count.
    • Location – The Location column identifies the unique storage location in your facility where the cycle count was performed.
    • Date Stated – As a new cycle count is initiated, it will be documented in the Date Started column with the current day and time.
    • Date Finished – As a cycle count is finished, it will be documented in the Date Finished column with the corresponding date and time.

    On the main screen, you will find two buttons on the top left corner. These buttons are labeled View and View suspect. Once your requested cycle count has been highlighted, accessing these buttons will provide more information about the requested cycle count.


    When the view button is accessed a new window will appear to provide details associated with the cycle count. The view button shows you everything that was counted, who counted it, the date and time the cycle count was performed and containers that were moved due to the cycle scan.

    View Suspect

    The View Suspect button shows you all the items the system is tracking but does not know where they are. On this page, you will also find column headers for the container, item name, amount on hand, the date the inventory was created, when the inventory was last moved and when it was last used. Each of the entries found under View Suspect can also be opened to access more information.

    Anytime a cycle count is performed and inventory is supposed to be in that location, but it is not scanned before the cycle count is finished, Virtual Office will automatically move that inventory to this suspect location. From this screen, you can also view the details of any batches that are available in the location and determine if they need to be closed.

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