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If you are a nutritional supplement or nutraceutical manufacturer, there are many features included with Virtual Office that can help simplify your manufacturing processes and add value to your day to day operations.

As an all-in-one, cloud-based2 enterprise resource planning software, our tools will help you keep track of inventory and guide you through each step of your standard operating procedures from initial quotes all the way to fulfillment. No matter what your current manufacturing processes are, Virtual Office can be customized to meet your unique needs.

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Inventory Management

If you are a process manufacturer, you likely already know the importance of having accurate product counts in your facilities. This can include not only individual ingredients used in your customer’s product formulas but also the individual container parts and shipping materials needed to complete them. With optional scanner support and barcode generation to simplify your batch production, you have the ability to streamline your manufacturing processes while accurately maintaining your inventory counts.

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Quote Generation

If you are currently manually generating quotes for your customers, you likely are leaving a lot of room for pricing errors. Every time a new ingredient or component is checked in the pricing will automatically be averaged to create an accurate quote; however, this can be modified manually when creating the quote. This ensures that quotes are as accurate as possible at a component level to ensure you aren’t overcharging your customers or losing money. Virtual Office can also calculate formulas while taking other factors into account including Loss on Drying (LOD), Bulk Density or Intentional Overages.

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Order Management

Once a quote is approved, your employees will have the ability to generate a batch job and determine the individual components needed for completion. When your SOP is connected to this system, this creates a step by step process to ensure accurate orders each time the manufacturing process is started. Our pre-configured manufacturing industry software has incorporated industry standard best practices while remaining customizable to meet your business’ unique needs.

purchase orders

Purchase Orders

Virtual Office has an inbuilt system to create purchase orders and automatically send them to vendors for fulfillment. This ensures that you will consistently have the components needed to complete requested formulas and fulfill the needs of your customers. Sent purchase orders will also include an option for vendors to make them as completed after the product has been shipped to your manufacturing location.

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Permissions Systems

Our cloud-based ERP software has a robust permissions system to limit the access that your employees have as needed. Not only does this ensure the system continues to work as efficiently as possible, it encourages accountability. Each action performed is tracked on a user basis to ensure you know what changes are being made and who made them.

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Ingredient Quarantine

In the nutritional supplement industry, it is important to ensure that your ingredients undergo a quarantine process to assure documentation of lab testing and approval for quality control. To help achieve this, Virtual Office has inbuilt features to assist you in successfully quarantining ingredients until they are approved to be used in a client’s formula.

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Versatile System Job Types

Virtual Office utilizes many different system job types such as capsules, tablets, liquid and powders. Each job type is processed in a unique way that lends itself to the type of manufacturing you are performing instead of relying on a single process that must be adapted to each job. This makes our ERP system different than other software options that are available.

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