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Storage Racks

Storage Racks

Storage Racks should be setup in the initial onboarding process. Storage racks allows the user to quickly setup a warehouse racking system. Locations for each rack will automatically be created in the system and cannot be edited from Administration -> Configuration -> Storage Locations. When setting up the racking system you will select the warehouse you wish to set up first. Once the warehouse is selected you will choose the naming sequence for the rack, column and rows. doing this action will determine how the locations generated will be created. Once you save the initial setup you cannot change the naming sequence. If you choose numeric as a sequence, then all location will be represented by a number. If you choose alpha as a sequence, then all locations will be represented by a letter. If the rack, row or column marked as alpha exceeds twenty-six then the letter will be doubled. For example, a warehouse with twenty-seven racks that has been chosen to be setup as an alpha will start with the letter A but the twenty seventh rack will start with AA.

The user will also choose how many racks, columns and rows there are. If every rack does not have the same number of rows and column enter the highest number of rows and columns for the warehouse. For example, if the first rack has 12 columns and 4 rows but the second rack has 16 column and 12 rows you would enter 16 for the columns and 12 for the rows.

Once you have setup the initial warehouse the system will then generate the individual locations needed for each rack, column and row in the warehouse.

An example of a warehouse setup with 4 racks, 2 columns and 3 rows with the rack marked as alpha and the columns marked as numeric will generate the following locations.

(image of locations)


Once the warehouse has been setup you can print the individual racks by the column. First select a warehouse. A list of racks will be presented. Choose a rack. Once a rack is chosen a table will load showing the columns in the selected rack. From the table below you can turn on/off rules, print the locations or deactivate the column. Deactivating the column will mark all the locations in that column inactive. You can also add an additional column to the rack separate from the other racks. The system will automatically generate the column and corresponding locations for the new columns.

Apply Rules?

Rules allow a column to interact with ingredient containers that have allergens. Special rules will be applied to ingredient containers that have allergens. When rules are turned on for a column the following rules will apply.

  1. An ingredient with an allergen cannot be placed above or below another allergen without having the same allergen. For example, a peanut allergen cannot be placed above or below a wheat allergen.
  2. If an ingredient has two allergens, then you can place another ingredient with one of the same allergens above it. For example, one ingredient has wheat and peanuts, and another has only peanuts. The peanut ingredient can be placed above the wheat/peanut ingredient.
  3. If an ingredient has an allergen and no containers above and below have allergens or the containers above and below have the same allergen, then the system will allow you to move the container into the location.

Once rules are turned on for a column current inventory in the column will not be affected. Only once a container is being moved into the column via the scanner will the system check to see if it can be moved.