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Order Lab Tests

Order Lab Tests

The Order Lab Tests section allows you to edit and or create new Lab Test procedures and requests for your system. Once the window has opened click the dropdown input to Select a Lab Test. To create a new Lab Test select the “Add New Test” option or select an existing option to edit it. Enter your Lab Test name, set the Status and the Add Services to your lab test. To add service to your lab test click the blue “Add Service” button (1). To add a service name, click the input (2) area and it will allow you to add a name. To add a cost, click the input area (3) and it will allow you to add a cost. You can add or delete as many services or tiers to your lab test as needed. Click the “Save Test Details” button (4) at the bottom to complete this initial setup process.

Add Lab Service

Next you will need to a section where the Lab Tests can be implemented. Multiple sections can be created and will be listed in this area. To begin click the “Add Section” button under Current Sections at the bottom of the window.


**More information on Adding sections to Lab Tests coming soon**