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Under Administration -> User Management -> Users menu a person can assign the users different permissions. The following is a list of each permission and where in the system the permission applies.

Section: Menu Permissions

All permissions under this section relate to the menus in Virtual Office (VO). Activating a permission under this section will give the user access to the menu item. An example of this would be the permission “

Section: Page Permissions

Each permission under this section corresponds to a specific function inside a menu item. Below is a list of the permissions and how they are applied to each menu item.


Batch Testing (Inventory -> Quarantine List -> Lab Testing)


Customer (Customers ->Customer Management)

Cycle Count

Finished Products

Internal Page Permissions

Inventory Management

  • View Product Cost 



PO System

Quote Permissions

  • View Everyones Quotes 



Section: Scanner Permissions

Section: Customers

This section allows a person to assign what customers the VO user can have access to. If a person selects specific customers, then the customer a user can see will be limited in the following menu items.

  • Customers -> Customer Management
  • Customers -> View Quotes
  • When creating a quote, the list of available customers will be limited.
  • When creating an MMR, the customer list will be limited.