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User Permissions

This page will outline each permission and where in the system the permission applies. To access these options and assign users different permissions use the main navigation bar at the top of the screen and go to: Administration -> Users -> Manage Users

Tab Section: Menu Permissions

All permissions under this section relate to the menus in Virtual Office (VO). Activating a permission under this section will give the user access to the menu item. An example of this would be the permission “

Tab Section: Page Permissions

Each permission under this section corresponds to a specific function inside a menu item. Below is a list of the permissions and how they are applied to each menu item.

  • Edit Form Services – This permission allows users when editing Administration -> Order Lab Tests to add services to the lab test.

Batch Testing (Inventory -> Quarantine List -> Lab Testing)


  • Batch Exception –
  • Batch Trace –
  • Lock/Unlock Batches –

Customer (Customers ->Customer Management)

Cycle Count

Finished Goods Testing

  • Conditional Release –
  • QA Release –
  • QC Review –
  • Released –

Inventory Management

  • Change Component Review Status –
  • Mark Batch Re-test –
  • Quarantine Inventory –


*Note Categories

  • ~!@#$%^&*()_+-= Category –
  • Accounting Category –
  • newCategory Category –
  • Shipping Category –
  • Warehouse Category –


  • View Pending Orders – This permission allows

PO System

Quote Permissions

  • Activate Quote Version –
  • Add/Edit Quotes –
  • View Delete Quotes
  • View Everyones Quotes –
  • View Pending Quotes –


Section: Scanner Permissions

  • Add Cleaning –
  • Approve Maintenance –
  • Move Document –
  • Move Equipment –
  • View Maintenance Schedule –

Section: Customers

This section allows a person to assign what customers the VO user can have access to. If a person selects specific customers, then the customer a user can see will be limited in the following menu items.

  • Customers -> Customer Management
  • Customers -> View Quotes
  • When creating a quote, the list of available customers will be limited.
  • When creating an MMR, the customer list will be limited.