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Protect Your Manufacturing Processes with Permissions Systems

Protect Your Manufacturing Processes with Permissions Systems

As a contract manufacturer, there’s a good chance you spend a lot of time keeping projects on track by tasking out certain parts of the process to specific departments. While this can be incredibly time consuming, it is essential to ensure the quality of manufacturing achieved remains consistent and no unforeseen problems are encountered. However, what if your cloud-based, ERP software gave you the ability to protect your manufacturing processes with permissions systems?

Because our system was built to meet the unique needs of contract and process manufacturers, Virtual Office was developed with even the smallest concerns in mind. With an open system, there’s a chance that one of your employees could mistakenly enter a screen they shouldn’t have access to and cause lasting problems that may go unnoticed until they reach the client. Not only does this hurt your credibility and professionalism, but it also leaves your client with a poor experience.

To help you avoid this common scenario, Virtual Office utilizes robust permissions systems that can be modified and segmented at an employee level to avoid unwanted crossover between processes or clients. This allows your facility to know what department is currently handling the manufacturing process, as well as projects current completion status to ensure everyone remains as efficient as possible.

Because users must log in to our cloud-based, ERP system, permissions systems can also be utilized to track user activity. This lets you know which changes have been made to a production record or order and the exact person that was responsible for those changes. The goal of this is to allow contract manufacturers the ability to create a system of accountability instead of randomly pointing fingers whenever a problem occurs.

If you are interested in learning more about Virtual Office or want to see how this powerful ERP software can benefit your supplement manufacturing process, we invite you to request a demo and try it for yourself. We are confident that our industry-specific software contains everything needed to help you manufacture your customer’s products faster while keeping manufacturing costs to a minimum.

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