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The Advantages of Web-Based ERP Software

The Advantages of Web-Based ERP Software

While traditional copies of stand-alone software are a much-needed technology for home-based computers, they don’t always provide the benefits needed for large scale businesses. However, as web-based software continues to expand, it is likely that traditional hard copies of software will become obsolete. In this article, we will explore some of the advantages of utilizing a web-based ERP software over a competing stand-alone desktop software.

Cost Reduction Benefits

As an online solution that is available with nearly any device that has an internet connection, web-based software eliminates the need for capital investment to supply individual machines with their own copy of the software. Depending on the number of machines that need software, this cost can quickly add up. Alternatively, web-based ERP software can be utilized by anyone in your company at any given time to provide a much-needed cost reduction and preserve your bottom line.

Improved Security Features

When working with stand-alone software that is installed on your own servers, businesses will often need to hire an administrator or IT department to ensure their data isn’t being compromised or intercepted. By utilizing web-based ERP software, your information will remain on a secure server that is only accessible with the proper credentials. Even more impressive, the software designers will already have a team monitoring your business’ activity to keep your information and data safe at all time.

Extended Technical Support

With stand-alone software, you will often need to download updates or completely invest in newer versions of the software. Not only does this drastically increase the costs of your software, but it also renders your machines unusable while the updates are being installed. With web-based software, you have the ability to receive automatic updates and new software versions each time they are available without having to manually implement them.

Increased Employee Efficiency

While working with stand-alone software, there is a chance that your employees will run into distinct problems that require the work of an outside consultant to fix. However, when you are working with web-based ERP software, you have immediate access to help files and development experts to ensure everything remains functional. Eliminating this downtime ensures that your business continues to operate normally while improving employee efficiency.

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