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Is Your Data Safe With Virtual Office?

Is Your Data Safe With Virtual Office?

These days it seems like cyber threats are an inevitability and more often than not, businesses that aren’t protected from the changing digital landscape can face costly problems. Although secure software may seem like an expensive prospect, our cloud-based ERP software contains all the security features needed to keep your data safe at an affordable cost. In this article, we will explain some of the ways Virtual Office keeps your data safe from exposure and explore the integrated features that help achieve it.

At Equitable Software, we understand the importance of protecting your businesses private data including all inventory and client relations data you may have on hand. Without adequate security, things can quickly go from bad to worse if your client’s data has been compromised. Some of the ways Virtual Office achieves high-security standards include:

  • SSL Encryption – Also known as Secure Sockets Layer, SSL has established its place as the standard security technology that functions as an encrypted link between a browser and target web server. Any information passed through this link will remain private and encrypted to maintain security and keep your data safe.
  • DDoS Protection – DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, attacks have become a common problem for many web servers as they are stripped of any available resources to deny access from verified users. Our software monitors incoming traffic to identify DDoS attacks and stop them as quickly as possible to maintain service.
  • Secure Login – By utilizing a secure login page, our software encrypts all username and password data before they are passed to the server. This ensures that even if your data is intercepted, the encrypted format will be unreadable by the individual that stole it.

While only a small sample of the security features included in Virtual Office, we are sure our software will meet even the highest security standards. Our goal is to keep your data safe while providing you with easy-to-use and effective interfaces. Let us improve your security with our cloud-based, ERP software.

If you are interested in learning more about Virtual Office or want to see how this powerful ERP software can benefit your supplement manufacturing process, we invite you to request a demo and try it for yourself. We are confident that our industry-specific software contains everything needed to help you manufacture your customer’s products faster while keeping manufacturing costs to a minimum.

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