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The Importance of ERP Software for Supplement Manufacturing

The Importance of ERP Software for Supplement Manufacturing

As a supplement manufacturer, you likely already know how important it is to ensure that you are prepared for the future. While sufficient ERP software should be able to do this, it should also account for any future problems that may occur. In fact, when implemented correctly, ERP software can provide a supplement manufacturer with numerous benefits. Continue reading to learn a few of the ways Virtual Office can help you.

Data Benefits

Although not a primary focus on ERP software, implementing the right solution can ensure the ability to streamline data into a usable and easily monitored source. In the past, supplement manufacturers would often have to use several different software products to maintain their inventory, complete orders and track customers. With Virtual Office, you have an all-in-one solution developed to not only make your processes easier but make data more accessible at all times.

Operational Benefits

One of the biggest problems most supplement manufacturing facilities face is the disconnect between their manufacturing and accounting departments. Not only can this result in lost revenue, but it can also cause a rift to form between the departments and sow seeds of untrust that can quickly damage your business. With ERP software designed for supplement manufacturing, your accounting team will know exactly what to charge and the amount of work that has been completed to keep orders on track.

Inventory Planning Benefits

As a supplement manufacturer, you likely live and die based on the inventory management controls that you have available to you. With modern ERP software like Virtual Office, you can easily complete cycle counts and ensure a consistent inventory count at all times for both ingredients and the packaging required to fulfill a job. If anything gets low, you can even quickly create a purchase order to replenish product. This ensures you are never short on the things you need.

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