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How Can Supplement Manufacturers Recover from COVID-19?

How Can Supplement Manufacturers Recover from COVID-19?

While the impact on supplement manufacturers wasn’t nearly as large as it was on retailers, COVID-19 has still disrupted the industry and product remains unsold on store shelves. For the nutrition industry, finding ways to adapt and work together with brands to expand online sales and further product formulation has become more important than ever. But what strategies can supplement manufacturers enact to recover from COVID-19? Keep reading to find out!

Prioritize Safety and Highlight New Measures

COVID-19 has completely changed the perception of modern consumers and transparency is critical for businesses that want to continue to grow and succeed in the post-coronavirus economy. For this reason, supplement manufacturers must create new sanitization plans and rigorously follow them to help both brands and their consumers feel more comfortable about using the product. This also includes quarantining employees that may show symptoms of the virus and providing extended time away from work to accommodate quarantine procedures.

Prepare for the New Normal

As the ongoing pandemic continues, one thing is for certain; businesses won’t be able to operate as they had previously to prepare for a resurgence of the COVID-19 virus or a similar virus that may occur. Once the pandemic is under control, businesses will still need to deal with the lasting repercussions and mindset that has developed during the peak period of the virus. Any deficiencies in the supply chain or internally must be addressed as soon as possible to minimize problems or delays. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your strategies or you could fall behind or have severe consequences.

Maximize Governmental Support

While most of the funding gets accounted for quickly, keep an eye out for potential governmental support that may be available to help businesses recover during the spread of a current or future pandemic. Monitor the current situation both regionally, nationally and internationally to determine what assistance may be available through the government. Obtaining assistance as soon as possible ensures that you aren’t left behind when the allocated funding amounts eventually run out.

Don’t Let Software Hold You Back

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