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    The purpose of a Cycle Count is to allow a facility to correct any discrepancies for containers that are tracked in Virtual Office. By performing a cycle count on a location the user is telling Virtual Office what containers are in that location and how much is in each container. This allows Virtual Office to have an accurate record of where the containers are stored and the amounts in the containers. Typically a cycle count will be done once a year to straiten out any inventory discrepancies.

    Starting a Cycle Count

    To begin a cycle count you should log into the scanner application and select Cycle Count Mode from the main menu. 

    Cycle count

    Scan the location that you want to cycle count. The scanner will ask you if you want to begin a cycle count for this location. Begin scanning the containers that are in the location your are cycle counting. Once a container is scanned a screen will show asking for the amount in the container. The amount in the container will be recorded in Virtual Office and the container will be added to the location. If the amount in the container does not match the amount recorded in Virtual Office a batch exception will be made to correct the container.

    Once you have scanned all the containers in a location click the options button in the bottom right corner and press Finish Cycle Count. By finishing the cycle count the scanner will move any containers that were previously in that location, that were not scanned, into a suspect location. 

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