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Component Master

Component Master

The Component Master window shows a list of all components in the system based on the type selected in the show drop-down. From this screen, you will be able to sort components by name, cost, on hand amount or on hold amount. The Component Master window will also include all ingredients and materials that are available or were available through your facility to complete a requested manufacturing job.

On this screen, you have the ability to search for a specific component or show anywhere between 10 and 200 components per page. Any search that is entered will only show results depending on the current type that is selected in the show drop-down. The number of components shown can be adjusted by choosing your requested amount in the drop-down at the lower left corner of the window.

The Component Master window utilizes color codes to help you quickly notice problems that may be present. By hovering over these colored items, you can obtain more information about what the current color means. The following colors are currently found in Virtual Office:

  • Red – The Current On Hand Amount is Less Than the On Hold Amount
  • Gray – The On Hand and On Hold Amount is 0
  • Blue – Indicates the Current Selected Component

Once a component has been selected, you have the option to obtain more information about it by clicking one of the 3 buttons available on the top left of the Component Master window. Once clicked, these buttons will open new windows, but will return to the Component Master window when closed. These options include:

  • PRs With… – Shows all production records that have the selected component in them.
  • Holds On… – Shows all orders that have the selected component and holds in the system that are active.
  • Batches Of… – Shows all batches that include the selected component.